Innoss’B Smashed The World Record with his song YOPE

Innoss'b ft Diamond Yope Remix

Innoss’B has broken the record which until now has never been achieved by an African artist. In less than 4 months, his song “Yo pe” remix featuring Diamond Platnumz was a resounding success on YouTube, already accumulating over 50 million views. This credits undoubtedly becomes the best Congolese song of the year 2019.

The Congolese singer Innoss B reaped great success wherever he went for his song called ” yo pe ”. In September 2019, this song was blocked on YouTube after having totaled 2 million views.

To date, this Innoss’B hit, ” yo pe ”, has gone up a gear with 50 million views on YouTube. On his Twitter account, the artist said: “For my first time to see an African song break the record in less than 4 months, 50 million views. God is stronger, thank you all for the love. 2020 is in store for other surprises. ”

Innoss’B ft Diamond Platnumz Yope Remix Video

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Innoss B did not miss the opportunity to thank this Tanzanian artist, Diamond Platnumz who remixed “yo pe” with other choreographies in his own way. Innoss B continues with its activities, 5 days ago, it was in Ghana where it brightened the music lovers of the good music of this African country.


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